tempted to go around and unfallow everyone who has hate for the sims 4

Like seriously, we get it. You don’t have to continue complaining about it. There are a lot of people who are actually really excited for this game, and I’m one of them. I don’t want to hear you complain about a new game. 

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Hi all -

This is a heads up that there are reports coming in indicating that ALL recolors created for The Sims 4 Create-a-Sim Demo do NOT work in the full game. Please be sure to remove all mods before loading up your game for the first time. Reports are that the mods don’t cause the game to crash, they just won’t actually work.

Creators, anything you’ve posted will need to be recreated once the community has had a chance to test and release new tools. Please remove current download links and warn your users.

Thanks for your patience - let’s make the Sims 4 rock together!

<3 helaene

Mods actually can, and will, cause a crash. Or at least it did with mine while testing it. I’ll just go ahead and remove all my CC for now and let the creators have time to fix it. I did notice that Misfortune Sims’ YA female hair recolors, Krell’s v2 skin, the ND eye recolors that comes with the clear and red eyes, and the 21 various berry skintones set are working a-okay for me. Also Misfortune Sims’ blazers are working in game as well.

Berry skins are good, my other downloads most likely aren’t (I’m removing their download links until I’ve fixed them). Thank you for your patience while I deal with that.

Same here, removed my download links till I get the chance of fixing them!


Concerning JenLaw and others nudes.


So my followers shall know where I stand with this I will not be reblogging them and neither shall you, and I very well shall unfollow you if I see you posting and reblogging them. Thank you and have a nice day.


#leave jen alone

New era of pink flamingos.



Here other screeshots of the base game clothes *o* Aren’t they all fab?

Oh the cardigan Dx




I need the sims 4 now plox. qq



Omg-base-game-clothes-are-awesome part 2. #goingcrazy




DAYUUUM guys,some clothes from base game are soooo pretty °O° Look at that crop top! This is new stuff that we don’t see in the CAS Demo!

ermergerd! Im going to have some fun recoloring some of these >3


As soon as I get the game I will recreate my items for the Sims 4

So I will be deleting those other posts. 
I just want to make sure I can test them before I throw them at your feet. D:

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